Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Russell Hobbs Desire 20320-56

I loved the beginning of this part. It is well made and well thought out, so very convenient if you want to quickly shred even a few groceries. One should, of course, to the user manual (translated well!) Hold. Be words. That need to be processed food already cut somewhat (cubes, slices, etc.), and it should be objects that could also easily cut with a knife (so nothing frozen, no fruit not yet gutted etc.).

A great advantage of this shredder has over other similar devices, is the construction. The device with the motor is above and not below. But from the beginning: the lower part is a glass container at the bottom is secured a shaft to which the blade unit is attached. It then takes the lid along with drive unit. That is in plain text: bottom everything is tight, it makes nothing. This is in grinders, mixers, etc. unfortunately not a given.

The lid closes itself up from too tight, so there is no more mess when using this device. Even that is not a given in such articles. The container is made ​​of glass and not plastic. That means you should be a little careful and not drop the device as possible let (something unfortunately happened very quickly in the heat of battle).

I have to mention of course, that the main purpose of this product, crushing, works flawlessly. The noise levels there is the usual, not exactly quiet, but the shredder with silencer has yet to be invented well.

I enjoy spending tomato sauce, Italian style, for which this mini-chopper has proven. The charge will suffice for this project (ie, four tomatoes and a variety of ingredients such as onions, carrots, etc.)

Kenwood CH 580

I bought the Kenwood Quad Blade comminuted so that it can facilitate me in the kitchen work. Since I often and very like to cook. I was in search of a grinder with the following criteria

A. Powerfull
B. Can cut Coarse and fine things
C. Possible electrical runs.

Previous experiences were: Two shredders that were used with the hand.

The first one was with 2 blades, which they gave the desired product in the bowl and simply turned. The result, Well insufficient for hard vegetables like Carrots, celery went even halfway, with soft vegetables. the result was mieserabel. The sound was not sharp even after repeated use and even broke up.
Conclusion: Total failure

The second device I grew mine was a Zyliss. A device made ​​of plastic just below the metal had in a comic form and laborious perform by protecting you had to chop the vegetables with muscle strength. Should rotate Independent actually make sure that the vegetables are small. Each cutting was hiebei an ordeal, because this Zyliss also had problems associated with soft vegetables, also remained a part of the vegetable often between the crushing metal.
Also it worked rotate, after multiple uses not more so had to turn by hand.
Conclusion: Very demanding, especially for hard vegetables and inadequate results.

Due to the positive customer recessions I decided to buy the Kenwood Quad Blade Cutters.
When I got the unit was great anticipation.
I immediately tried to make a mayo according to the instructions in this booklet lying. However, this was not good, however, the system already. (Here, Mayo recommends itself to make and not according to the book)

The device should generally be used only after reading these operating instructions, because when you press the button too long, the engine will overheat and break down, I speak from experience. Had held continuously at the first time and the content reeked of superheated engine.

When used properly (Separate multiple pulses to mince the vegetables, ie repeated press with pause), but the device is absolutely great. You can choose between 4 blades (for a finer Zerkleinung of vegetables or two blades for a coarser result). Who really wants the right degree of comminution, should always check again.
The range of the device was super crushed rießengroß.
Even herbs can be crushed, this is recommended to use 4 blades to quickly achieve the desired result.
Carrots, onions, celery, garlic, peppers, etc. everything can be crushed and easily. When peppers else to cutting by hand if you want, because by the power of the device (which is but for every electrical comminuted so), penetrates a lot of pepper juice from the peppers. Who does not interfere, however, can really cut everything.

After 7 months of use, the machine still works perfectly and the blade chop is still just as good as the first day.
A great advantage of the device, the ease of cleaning. The utensils can be placed easily in the dishwasher or be washed out by hand briefly.

Conclusion: I am absolutely thrilled with the device and I can save a lot of time. The crushing stages can be easily determined by you between coarse and fine and the handling is easy. The cleaning can be done in the dishwasher or by hand and the device looks nacher as good as new.

+ Coarse or Fine Cut no problem
+ Equal-sized pieces of vegetables
+ Easy handling
+ Super easy cleaning
+ Excellent value for money
+ 2 or 4 blades which can be used to tune the fineness even better
+ Cut all vegetables varieties incredibly good results, even herbs are satisfactory and also cut small vegetables such as garlic

All in all, very clear 5 star rating for this Well-crafted device that is a great household helper for every cook.

Absolutely recommendable

TV unser Original 05611

I am absolutely thrilled with the incredible speed of the mixer works . Although It is not quite as low, but because it works so quickly, you can see over it. Very handy I find everything that you gemixtet simply seal it with the lid and can take without looking to fill extra again, because he is his small, it fits in any corner without taking much space, I am completely satisfied and would recommend him.

I have the machine sent back after 3 weeks in use since expired later in the mixer itself when mixing the whole juice. Even when attaching or detaching from the mixer you're afraid that you tear off the handle because everything is really made ​​of cheap plastic. He is also relatively noisy, which has now but sooo not bother me. Due to the short time in which you could use it, I use the juice pressed not tried. I think it is a rumor that the blender has ever tasted € 99.99!

unfortunately I have already disposed of the packaging, since experimental one worked with a banana milk for the child properly. Today I wanted to make me a obstsmoothie for breakfast and bit on something strange: a small piece of the seal ring! At closer look lacked a quarter of the ring, the smoothie was discarded and the device is therefore ABSOLUTELY NOT recommended! I'm just glad that my 14 month old baby did not want to cost !!!

The Mr.Magic much can really mix and chop, which, unfortunately, that only good thing was ist.Bereits after the third use, it has eaten me the first seal ring and since short fliest during mixing black liquid from the engine station! An exchange is not possible if that old device is not first sent back, which is not possible for me because I need the blender daily for food my son. Even a refund is no longer possible after the 30 days! SORRY but I can NOT recommend that unit and will also buy anything more from this seller !!!

Bosch MFQ3530 450 Watt

Yes, the shark fin can interfere. It also depends strongly on the mixing bowl if you offend them.

In our the stirrer does not immerse into the bowl, so you do not offend. You also have to to also say that other blenders often still have more disturbing housing forms. The crowning glory is the "Braun Multiquick 1000". Meanwhile spider legs are practically always in the way.

Now for the benefits, because other disadvantages I know even after 2 years of use not at home baking.

+ quiet
+ Full (real 450W, the other customer review has been written by someone in this respect unfortunately, has too little idea of "Electrical"; see comments on it)
+ Easy to clean
+ Quite stable (the predecessor of AEG, Krups and Aldi kept only 2 years; the von Braun after all, almost four years before the transmission failed)
+ Inexpensive

- Handle tends to thin, therefore, to keep a bit exhausting for my workers hands on time (as well as the predecessors were not better)

As seen above, I consider only the brown for an alternative regarding power and performance. Unfortunately the cost but about 3 times and is subjectively better not processed.

This hand mixer is virtually identical to the Siemens MQ95530. As all the positive feedback for the Siemens I can confirm the same for the Bosch. Ultra quiet and powerful engine. The device is very light and fits comfortably in the hand. With the 5 (!) Speeds you get every batter in the handle. So stirring is fun ..!

Russell Hobbs 21350-56

We are big smoothie Fans but so far I always thought "who needs a special Smoothie maker, but something takes place only in the kitchen cupboard and away the blender tuts but also". But somehow my wife but then persuades the Russell Hobbs 21350-56 Kitchen Collection Mix and Go to order.

And what can I say despite initial skepticism, the part now a regular place in our kitchen, not in the closet but in the workspace, it is because that we provide to us and our daughter is now a daily smoothie. But to convince the following points in order, the Russell Hobbs 21350-56 Kitchen Collection Mix and Go white:

- The operator is in fact simple and intuitive, fruit and vegetables or cut so that it fits into the container, add milk etc. yogurt, juice, water (depending on the recipe and Gusto), Messereinhait screw on the container, and put it on the socket. Turn the container slightly to the left and have the fruit / vegetable is crushed and the Smoothie is done after about 20 seconds.

- With 600 ml of the two containers have a more than adequate size

- The supplied lid with pouring / drinking spout are leak-proof, so you can also easily go enjoy the smoothie, the container could possibly appear one or the other a little too big for traveling.

- The cleaning is simple and easy because both container and lid and the blade unit DISHWASHING are suitable. For all that by hand rinsing is important to note that the blade unit to twisty is not (as is the case for one or the other Mix and Pürriergerät, and thus also easy to clean by hand.

- Last but not least should be mentioned that the socket on the underside has small suction cups so that the device is stable and safe and does not slip when mixing.

However, there are some downside that I want to add:

- The motor is 300 watts with a bit weak and sometimes works but a little overwhelmed.

- The operating noise is definitely too loud.

- The container to have a small diameter, in combination with the above Motor weakness, this leads to the fact that only approximately the lower third of the fruit or vegetable is pürriert and the two upper thirds then can not slip through the blade unit when you want to prepare a smoothie without or with only little additional liquid, for example, are even a cucumber Kressesmoothie the addition of about 100 ml juice or water minimum.

- And at least for my taste could Hapthik, especially the container, be somewhat higher quality.

This sounds at first by quite a few points of criticism, but as already mentioned above, the Russell Hobbs Kitchen Collection Mix and Go has been with us in the kitchen a regular place and is in daily use, simply because the criticisms in everyday life actually not significant but nevertheless should be mentioned, and the positive characteristics of the Kitchen Collection mix and Go just what the simple operation and cleaning tackle predominate in everyday use easy.

At least for people who regularly yourself a smoothie so prepare a strong buy recommendation!

700 Watt Universal Blender

This is my first blender and I am satisfied. Sure, he's loud, but it runs so not long and blender are just loud. So far everything gets small, large carrot pieces. The Smoothie function is great. The pitcher is really big and therefore heavy, but rather heavy glass as a light plastic!

With a friend a delicious shake from a blender was recently made ​​us who we really tasted good. But even more interesting I fande the mixer, as I myself had no home yet. My colleague recommended me this one, I ordered it and have it now before me. Two days shipping and good packaging. Here is a brief overview:

+ Class Design
+ Good workmanship
+ Can be isolated from the motor housing
+ Two stage adjustable, also Pulse function
+ High quality glass and not a cheap plastic
+ Lid completely removable
+ Sufficient power to crush ice cubes to
o pitcher because of the glass somewhat difficult
o At the highest level a bit noisy (but each mixer)

makes a good visual impression. We have yet again returned the device on arrival and receive a refund of the purchase price, without shipping and return costs (total loss of € 10.98). Please beach tten that the device has a fairly high weight. For my wife it was too heavy umimmer to clear away after use. But still give 4 stars because the look fit, the delivery time came and the exchange went smoothly. Can not comment on the function of the device, but there are still other reviews.

Profi Cook PC-UM 1006

Our unit was new, perfectly packaged and processed is excellently situated. It stands there like a "one". Smudge marks our device also has none. The only drawback, which has already been mentioned here: The poor quality of the cover sheet, the "curled" on the switches within a week. The function does not diminish and the device meets for weeks awarded its purpose, looks great and is (at the price and the service offered) imo a "bargain".

That someone complains about the volume, I do not understand. "According to" it will only crash the ice. And this probably lies in the nature of things. Otherwise, the unit is barely louder than our Pürrierstab And also fulfills this purpose excellent (if a little liquid is inflicted). It can be easily (and manually in seconds) clean and yes, the glass container is large, massive and correspondingly heavier than a plastic part with half the volume. Also this is probably in the nature of things and give most confidence.

We are completely satisfied. Despite "sheet weakness" full marks! Absolute buy recommendation!

Ralph Conway

Until earlier this week, the device worked perfectly. No complaints except the above and in other reports mentioned poor quality of the film over the controls. In the last 7 months, we have the device once a day, some times also used frequently.

Earlier this week, but the first time came out of liquid, which is reinforced in the two following days. Aside from the necessary cleaning actions I have looked at the knife block in more detail and found that the upper seal has too much play, no bottom is in place and shake the linkage of the knife block back and forth. This was previously not the case. No wonder that as fluid seeps.

In the BA, there is the reference to the support organization Visited website, input device and explains error. Promt I got an e-mail with a return slip sent.

Super! Actually. I was not going to send the whole unit around and asked in my statement, if you can replace the knife block separately.

So I called the manufacturer. About 15-20 times since Monday. Just yesterday (Wednesday) we went to the telephone. Clear, was yes carnival

Pointing out that I should go to the support page ignoring I explained my concerns and was twice further connected in vain. Then was launched.

Meanwhile, it makes me so something hardly angry. We're all human and most of us are sitting in the wrong job.

Since I do not want to buy now and available on the manufacturer's site (CIATRONIC) complete carafe for 30 euros (including warranty is still another 13 months), I sent a service request to (separate form, commendable). I received an automatic reply with the promise fastest possible processing by mail. An answer to my question but I did not unfortunately get in the last 26 hours. So I'll morning pack and send out the entire part. I'll keep you up to date.

After I signed up for SLI24 (communication with the manufacturer was rather disappointing) - a Einzelaustauch leaky knife block is probably not possible, I had the packing slip in the (electronic) mail box. Sent on 18 February. For more inquiries you can save. Obtained as already mentioned a case number, but no answer. The website is no help.

Three weeks there was "in process". After two and a half weeks I have again requested and received a standard reply. 3days later the device (ie, after almost exactly three weeks) was then back. Message: "Seals exchanged"! I have no idea how - perhaps the knife block is yes but new? And though I have the unit completely in a standard cardboard shipping, it came back in a (used) Original box.

Everything works perfectly again since then as before. How much we have missed the unit we noticed in the three weeks. Overall, I am satisfied. But should the knife block are leaking again, I order the next time I'd rather the whole jug (glass carafe with knife block) as a replacement part. It costs 24.95 and is expected to be delivered in two days.